Color is the life of a photograph/image. Proper color editing is very much needed to publish the image whether in print media or online media. If you have damp lifeless image which you need a color correction you can send it to us. Redviolet Graphic Studio has expertise to do color correction in Photoshop for any image. After our color correction is done the image will be enriched and you can publish it anywhere in print media and online media as well.

When a photograph is taken maybe the exposure is not correct or maybe the light is not proper. But our experts can make this photo beautiful with color correction in Photoshop. 

You may need to change the color of your image partly or fully, i.e, dress color change, shoe colorchange, etc we can do it professionally and artistically. We can work on image exposure, color balance, level, brightness in a very perfect way until you are satisfied.

Our work quality is guaranteed. You can do a free trial for your satisfaction. We will return you soon after we get a free trial order.

  • Brightening a dark or underexposed image
  • Correcting poor contrast
  • Increasing the dynamic range of an image
  • Adjusting lighting levels across an image
  • Color changing for a particular part of a picture
  • Changing the mood of your photograph
  • Removing unnatural tints
  • Correcting for poor or colored lighting

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